Welcome to the Player Network!


The Player Network is here to assist teams who are looking for players and players who are looking for a team to join.

If you are interested posting an ad for yourself or your team/club please email the CWSA office at office@mycwsa.ca.

There is no deadline to join a team - new players can be added to teams throughout the season

If you are a Team Looking for Players, please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Division
  • League (ex. Indoor: Boarded/Boardless 7v7; Outdoor: 8v8/11v11)
  • Team Name
  • Details (describe your team)
    • does your team practice?
    • age ranges
    • what positions do you need to fill (keeper, defence, midfielders, forwards, etc.)
    • etc.
  • Contact Info (email, phone number)

If you are a Player Looking for a Team, please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Your Name
  • What Level are you looking to play?
  • Which league you want to play in?
    • Oct-Mar (Indoor): Boarded or 7v7
    • May-Sept (Outdoor): 11v11 or 8v8
  • Details (describe yourself)
    • Your skill level/experience level
    • what position you play
    • your age or age range
    • etc.
  • Contact Info (phone number/email)


Occasionally we have individual players looking for a team or teams looking for players for our tournaments.

Email your player or team requests to office@mycwsa.ca

for player and team listings for CWSA's tournaments, please check out each of our Tournament information pages, listed under the 'Tournaments & Provincials' tab on our website.



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Teams Looking for Players

- Season
- League
- Division


Details & Contact Info

Date PostedMM-DD-YYYY


Any players looking to play in our upcoming tournaments (Spring Cup, Calgary Clash) can also check out the Tournament Network on the individual tournament information pages. Teams who need players for the tournaments can post themselves there.

-Calgary Clash

Div 1
Rapids FC Thunder

Rapids FC Thunder (Div 1) is looking to round out the team, in search of Defence (preferably centre).  Team is fun and social, average age ~31.  We aim to stay competitive but don't practice so no great time burden.

Please contact Mike at docpiddy@gmail.com or text 403-837-1212."

Div 4
Panteras WFC

Panteras WFC is a friendly and inclusive team looking for players of all positions to join us for the upcoming outdoor season in division 4 8v8. Our team consists of players between the ages of 18 and 35, and while we primarily speak Spanish, everyone is welcome to join our squad.

We believe in the power of practice and getting to know each other before hitting the field, so if you are passionate about soccer and ready to compete and have fun, we would be thrilled to have you with us. 

If you are interested in joining our team, please get in touch with Maria at 587 215 2682 or vargasmaria9426@gmail.com. We can't wait to welcome you to Panteras WFC and make unforgettable memories on and off the field together. Thank you!


Div 1 &
Div 2

CalGlen Santos FC &
Calglen Cruisers

CalGlen Santos FC- Division 1

CalGlen Cruisers- Division 2

Both teams are currently looking for players to round out their roster for the upcoming outdoor season.

If you are interested, please contact me either by phone 403 978 4548 or email bevonp@hotmail.com


Div 4 & O40

Cochrane Rangers  

Hello! The Cochrane Rangers Soccer Club is expanding and looking for players for our Over 40 team and our new Division 4 team. We are a fun Club who love competition, but don't take ourselves too seriously :)  

Although we are a Cochrane-based team, there are many players in our Club that live in Calgary. We don't generally have practices (and if we do, they would be scrimmages and totally optional!) Our home games are in Cochrane, but all others would be scattered around Calgary and carpooling will always be an option. We are looking for all ages / abilities and positions! Discounts available for GK.

Contact Amanda Paffrath

amanda.paffrath@gmail.com or text 825-994-7141

O40 tier 3

We are a great group of ladies with a wide age range from 40-70.

We are looking for several players for the outdoor season of all positions including a parttime goalie.

Please contact Mary Moyer 587-225-4336 dmmoyer@telusplanet.net

Div 4
Rapids FC Inferno

Our team is looking for a keeper for the upcoming outdoor season (we also play boarded in the winter, if you're looking to continue on with the team). We would prefer a full time keeper, but are also open to someone wanting to play part time. We hold occasional practices for outdoor, based on the team's availability. We have players with ages in their 20s and 30s, and are open to everyone. We are a great group of ladies that enjoy the sport and having fun together. We like to keep games competitive but still fun. If this interests you, please contact me at jlfetsch@gmail.com or 587-888-7013 (email preferred).

Div 4
Airdrie United Aztecs

Defence and midfielders needed. Team ages range through the 20’s and 30’s. Competitive team that believes soccer is for life and teams win with good communication on and off the field. Friendly and welcoming, no-drama team. No practices are scheduled but could be organized if players interested.

Contact: Michele Tschritter michele@tschritter.ca 403-370-8757

Div 2
Bandidas FC

Looking for a goalie to join our team for this outdoor season!

We have a range of girls from early 20’s - mid 30’s, very welcoming and just happy to have you join our team!!

Text Nicole at 403-305-9961 or email nmount97@telus.net if you are interested!

Div 5
NCU Wildcats

Hello my name is Kayla and I am one of the captains of the NCU Wildcats. We are seeking a full or part-time Keeper for the upcoming outdoor season. We are a diverse group of ladies ages 18-40 who have the occasional practices and get-togethers who are all here because of our shared love of the game.

Please email me at kayla.devitt@hotmail.ca or shoot me a text at 403-200-0267

Div 2
CNS Fiore 

We are looking for a GK for our 8v8 team this summer

Contact Dave Chiu at david.chiu@acera.ca 


Players Looking for a Team

Name Looking For: Details & Contact Info Date Posted

Any teams looking for players for our upcoming tournaments (Spring Cup, Calgary Clash) can also check out the Tournament Network on the Individual tournament information pages. Players who are interested in playing in our tournaments can post themselves there.

-Calgary Clash

11v11 or 8v8
Div 3 or 4

Looking for a team to play on a part-time /sub basis. 11V11 or 8V8. 

I play Div 4 in the indoor and am looking to play on a team playing Div 3 or 4 for the outdoor season.

I can play D, Mid, or Forward.

I can be reached at 587-897-8997 or janelle.klaus@live.ca

11v11 or 8v8
Div 3-4

I’m looking for a team for this upcoming outdoor season. Looking for div 3-4, 11 v 11 or 8 v 8 outdoor. Have played div 1 most my life. Have taken a few years off due to due injuries, kids, etc. but looking for a team that’s fun/social but a bit competitive. I’m 38 and willing/able to play any position (except keeper). 

I can be reached at 403-200-0654 or karenv.macdonald@gmail.com 

Cheyenne 11v11
Div 2/3

Looking for a team for this upcoming outdoor season. I played tier 1 / 2 most of my life and into women’s league, but have taken some time off. Looking for div 2-3 team now, 11 v 11 outdoor and hopefully into the indoor season as well! I’m 29 and play forward as preference, but can also play mid. Really looking forward to getting out on the pitch again! 

I can be reached at 587-438-5026, or by email: cwolfwatkins@gmail.com

Ellie  11v11 or 8v8
  • What Level are you looking to play?: Amateur
  • Which league you want to play in?: May-Sept (Outdoor): 11v11 or 8v8 (I don't mind which)
  • Details (describe yourself): I am 27 and have always played soccer growing up - I haven't played in a few years and want to fall back in love with it. In the past, I mostly played in forward positions but I'm happy to play anywhere (apart from in goal). My main aims are to have fun, keep fit and meet new people as I will be new to the area (moving from the UK)
  • Contact Info: ellielholmes@hotmail.com, (+44)7464381125
11v11 or 8v8

I am 27, used to play very competitive teir 1/2 until 18. Since then have done coed and a community women's league. Like to socialize  



11v11 or 8v8
Div 1 or 2

My name is Sarah Rivas, I am 21 years old and I have previously played tier 1 and 2 and would love to find a team for the outdoor season. I am looking to play tier 1 or 2 this season, either 11v11 or 8v8. I am a midfielder, and can play either centre mid or wing as well.

Feel free to contact me either via phone number or email (403-922-2465 or saraheriv@gmail.com).

 Atzhiri OUTDOOR

Hi, my name is Atzhiri. I'm 27 years old and I am a beginner player.

I used to play in college as a right midfielder. I am looking to join a team for indoor or outdoor soccer.

My phone contact is 5879699468 and my email: atzhiri.ortiz96@gmail.com

Div 3 or 4

My name is Jordyn and I’m looking to play Indoor/Outdoor (11v11) Div 3 or 4. I’ve played soccer my entire life and recently moved to Calgary so I’m looking to join a team that plays both outdoor and indoor! I’m 27 and generally play defense.

My phone number is 780-718-8858 and email is jkoko733@gmail.com.

Prichelle OUTDOOR
Prem/Div 1
  • Skill/experience level: currently playing Div 3 but grew up playing tier 1/Div 1 and would love to get back into it! I would also love to try out for premier teams as well and be considered for any teams needing players for the Calgary clash tournament at the end of April.
  • Position: Defense/Centre Mid
  • Age: 24
  • Phone number: 587-501-0740
  • Email: prichellelal@hotmail.com
Div 4 or 5

I’m Katie, 32, looking for an outdoor team 11v11. I have been playing soccer since my teens but have not played since my team dispersed during Covid. I play defence mostly, but can also play midfield. Usually I play in Div 4 or 5.
You can email me at kcostigan91@gmail.com if you have any availability on your team, let me know!

11v11 or 8v8
Div 2 or 3

-I’m a Mexican female who’s very passionate about soccer, played almost all my life but stopped playing when I arrived to Canada. I’m very social and a good team player, I’m always cheering up and giving feedbacks to my team so we can achieve our goals. Rather than seeing just a team, I see them as friends. This is the main reason why I like to keep a united and healthy union.

-I’ve been playing since 8 and started up in a soccer school named Leones Negros and after a couples years I switched to Atlas Puerto Vallarta. I used to have very intense training with some of the official players of the Mexican Female Selection.

-Forward position

-21 yro

Phone number: 587 917 1068.

Email: julietafarfaan@gmail.com

Veronica OUTDOOR
11v11 or 8v8
Premier, Div 1 or Div 2

- Played at provincial level in Manitoba but haven't been able to join a team for the past couple of years. I am 25 years old.

-Usually a centre back or fullback 

(204) 887-4642 or jackson.veronicalynn@gmail.com

Div 4-5 

Hello! My name is Cora and I’m looking to join a team for this summer! I am looking to play level 4-5. 8v8 outdoor.

I played my whole life in house indoor/ outdoor, high school team I was captain, and one year of competitive play. Ive played all positions but I stick with defence. I won the  “Most Coachable Player“ Award the year I played competitive. That hopefully gives you an understanding of me as a player. I haven’t played since the summer of COVID and it’s been so sad without soccer in my life (haven’t played for 3 summers) Now I’m in a new city and would love to get to play again!

I am 21 turning 22 this summer.

I would love the opportunity to get back out and start playing! I am team oriented and want to get out into the fresh air to have some fun!

11v11 or 8v8
Div 4/5

2 x 30 yr old friends looking to join a team. We’d be open to either outdoor 11v11 or 8v8, D4, D5 or O30. Both play forward or midfield as needed. Been playing rec and intermediate for years but not for the last few.   

Contact Cathy @ 905-716-0744 or cathyabutler23@gmail.com

 Jennifer  OUTDOOR

Currently I play with a team registered on 8v8 but looking for an 11v11 team.

I’ve played div 2 fullback mostly but open to any teams looking for players that are playing 11v11. I’m looking for a team that will allow me to play part time as I have kids 50/50 and can only play on the days I don’t have my kids.

Phone: 403-700-8744

Email: jenniferyaholnitsky@gmail.com

11v11 or 8v8
Div 3-5

Looking to get back into soccer after been away for university for a few years hoping to start off in any league between DIV 3-5 

I’d like to join the outdoor league for the summer either 11v11 or 8v8

I am new to the Alberta moved from the okanagan in BC, I played on my high school competitive soccer team for 5 years and club soccer as well. However, took a few years off for university and trying to get back into it. 

I usually play midfield or forward and happy to play with any team! I am 24 years old and love to be around encouraging and positive team members!! 

Email: janessy@telus.net 

Text me: 250 689 0058

11v11 / 8v8

My name is Sophie Zapalowska and I’m looking to play division 4 or 5.

I’m interested in the may to September season, either 8v8 or 11v11. I used to play soccer in high school for 10 years at a high level but that was a few years ago! I am open to playing any forward position. I’m currently 25 years old:) looking forward to hearing from a team!

Email: sophiezapalowska@gmail.com

Phone: 604-369-1351


8v8 or 11v11
Over 30 Tier 3
Over 40 Tier 1/2/3

Played U3 - U19 on either the Div 2 or Div 1 team, also played recreationally until I was 25. 

Midfielder or Defender. Sometimes GK, though not my preferred position.

I just turned 40. I haven't played in a while, but I'm looking to get back onto the field.  

403-862-7997 or tracy.e.young@gmail.com


Premier/Div 1

I’ve played premier from the the east coast, then played first string on Holland College. I play centre mid/ wing mid or wing defence. I’m currently 29 y/o. 

phone number 902-940-4021


I’m excited to find a team and get back in the field. 

8v8 or 11v11
Div 2/3

My name is Alanah, I am 28 years old. I’ve played soccer from a young age and played competitively for a rep team in my teens. I would like to play 11v11 or 8v8 outdoor. I haven’t played soccer in quite some time but have always been active. My most recent venture was playing women's professional football. I am looking to join a team to have a little fun while staying active over the summer in a competitive league. I am a forward and can play center or wings. Hoping for division 2/3.


8v8 or 11v11
Div 2-3

My name is Celina I am looking to play div 2-3. I played competitive soccer my whole life and played University. I haven’t played in a while and am looking for a more fun league but still a little competitive. I play center back or wing back and am 28 years old.

You can contact me at ccavadini19@gmail.com

Div 3-5 

25 years old

Played soccer competitively in high school or outside with friends. Haven’t played in a while but looking to play again for fun and fitness sake. Preferred position - midfield or forward 

pao.sanchez1198@gmail.com / 8254314923

Alexandra OUTDOOR
Div 2/3

Hello! My name is Alexandra I’m 21 years old and looking to join 11v11 for the outdoor 2024 season. I've played in div 2 teams and co-ed teams but haven't played for 2 years now. I usually play the wings. I'm good with div 2 or 3.


Can be reached at 587-500-6173 or alexaescobarquiceno@hotmail.com


Thank you so much!

Div 1 or 2
  • Name: Ashley Beskau 
  • Level: Looking to play either Div 1 or Div 2 
  • League Desired: I would like to play for the remaining bit of the indoor season if possible, as well as outdoor. 
  • Details: 

 - I have played soccer from U6-U18 as well as Women’s for the past 10 years. I played CO-ED for the past 5 years, as well. I just moved to Calgary from BC and I’m looking for a competitive, fast paced, friendly team to join! 

I play outside midfield, as well as striker. I am 29 years old. 

(604) 209-6524 


11v11 or 8v8
Div 4/5

My name is Alex,

I would like find an outdoor team for the spring season, looking at division 4/5, either 11v11 or 8v8, I’ve played recreationally some years ago and would like to play again. I am 37.
My contact info is: alexandrahope4@gmail.com, phone: 403-991-1762

11v11 or 8v8
Over 40

My name is Helen Eleni Zarokostas.

I’m interested in getting back into soccer for the outdoor season. I am 54 years old and turning 55 on May 20. 

I’m not picky with either 11v11 or 8v8

I am not interested in high level play like O40-tier 1. Possibly O40-tier 2. But maybe better suited to O40-tier 3, right now. I am older and slower and a bit thicker in the middle. lol.

I shoot best with my left foot (although I am right handed). I used to play left forward or mid. I could play and understand D.

I played competitive soccer all the time in my youth, and even as a young Mom of toddlers. I have not formally played in probably 15 years with the exception of some games in Calgary Corporate Challenge for my company team a few times. I’ve also coached many times.

We are a soccer family. My daughters, my ex and I all play/played soccer. We follow international soccer and some MLS.

My daughters are both now in university and I want to see if I can still go out, kick a ball and run around a bit for exercise, fun and friendly competition.

Thanks for your consideration.





Hello, my name is Isabel and I’m a beginner soccer player in her early twenties looking to play on a division 4/5 team. I am looking to play indoor soccer on the weekends. I have played soccer recreationally growing up and have usually played defense/ right- wing. If your team is looking for a new defensive player, please email me at izde707@gmail.com

Collette  OUTDOOR
11v11 or 8v8
Div 4

I have played in Div 1-3 teams before but have not played soccer in years, so would like to re-develop my skills and fitness. Want to have fun playing with a bit of friendly competition in the mix.

position: usually defense, but have sometimes played midfield.
age: 31

Email: wcoll324@gmail.com
phone: (403) 651-2112 (the best way to get a hold of me is via text)

Georgia  INDOOR
Div 1-4

I am looking for a team and saw your player network section on your website. Would you mind posting the following ad up for me?

My name is Georgia Ross and I am 27 years old. I recently moved to Calgary from New Zealand and am looking to join a womens footy team for both the indoor and outdoor leagues (although I understand the indoor league is ending soon).

I've played on and off my whole life usually in a centre mid role, but happy to be flexible! In New Zealand I was playing in Div 1, although I'm not sure what level that would be in Canada. Happy to give anything between Div 1 and Div 4 a go. 

I can be reached at 825-994-7051 or georgialeighross@gmail.com

Thanks so much! 

Div 1-3

Hi there. My name is Trinity and I am looking to join a 11v11 team for the outdoor 2024 season, I am 22 years old and have been playing soccer for the majority of my life on and off. 

I have mainly played div 1/2 in my past, but I haven’t touched the ball in a few years. So might take me a practice or two to get comfortable again haha. I’m okay with any div 1-3 team if there is room for me! I usually play the wings or up top, can be placed in a mid position as well. 
Feel free to reach out to my email trinfaith13@gmail.com





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